In the Batters Box

Louisville SluggerLouisvilleSlugger_P2Hillerich & Bradsby (H&B) is a 129 year-old manufacturer who makes the iconic Louisville Slugger baseball bats. Baseball bats have been around since the beginning of the game….yet the Louisville Slugger bat is now being made with a firmer wood to lessen breakage.

Th new bats also have a new logo to help the family owned company to stay more relevant in the sporting goods market.

Even after years of making major league bats….H&B was willing to change by making the new bats….with high-grade wood and a process to enhance the bats surface hardness.

John Hillerich stated: “Our greatest asset is our brand”

Brand is what differentiates a business in the market place. In the case of the Louisville Slugger….it is the one brand that is synonymous with baseball.


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