11 Cents



After a long day, we needed to get a quick bite to eat, the Char-Grill is a local institution. For fast food it’s decent and a good value. However….we wanted only one soft drink and one water.

When asked for a cup for water….the cashier responded-“that will be 11 cents”. Our order wasn’t large….11 cents was 1% of the total. Why ask the customer for another 11 cents?….the reply because “that’s what ‘they” told us to do”.

A styrofoam cup costs only a few pennies….no need for ice….how many folks really ask for a cup for water?…I’d suspect very few. Providing a small cup for water is simply a cost of doing business. Exactly how many 11 cent cups does Char-Grill sell over the span of a year. Even if it is 1000 cups….that’s just $110. (at a cost of 3 cents/cup….total revenue $80!)

The real lesson: Don’ let trivial things create a poor customer experience….or even alienate the customer so they won’t return.


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