Leadership Crisis

Times Change

leaders wanted

A recent letter addressed a leadership crisis for a non-profit organization that I am quite familiar with.

The group has been in existence for almost 110 years! My father was actively involved for well over 40 years and was in major leadership positions. If no leaders step forward….the organization will dissolve.

I suspect that the old guard has moved on….and a younger group has not been developed or recruited. Organizations such as these were popular in the past….younger folks no longer want that type of involvement. It’s easy to understand why no leaders have come forward for this group. The population base for members more than likely has also changed….a small number of people to draw from.

Perhaps the focus of this organization has to be redirected….more in tune to 2013. Or perhaps this group will fade away like other similar groups.

If a leader does come forward:

The first responsibility is to define realty – Max DePree


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