The Beginning



The headline from a Muskegon Chronicle news clip: “U.S. 31 Sector Growing – Open Furniture Store” (the Swap Shop was another business) 

In 1961, our family business began in a cinder block 3,000 square foot building. A few years later, it expanded into the adjacent 3,000 sq. ft building. We  eventually added on with over 24,000 sq.ft.

I came into the business in 1969….learning the ins and outs of small business….quite different from what I had been doing the prior five 1/2 years (4 1/2 in the Air Force, a year at the University of Michigan-MBA).

Starting a business presents great opportunities….yet with risks associated with entrepreneurship. I don’t have a lot of mementos of the business. It’s nice to have a few  reminders of the challenges of preserving and growing a successful business. 


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