The Beginning – Part 2



Exactly why our family business was furniture and carpet.

The beginning was 20 years prior in 1941. My father made the Toppers Club (sales) for the Appliance and Merchandise Dept of the General Electric Company. The plaque above reads “Star Division Member 1942 (the 1941 plaque didn’t photograph well).

With 20 years selling experience (3 years at Continental Motors during WW ll)….my father decided to start on his own by opening Baker Furniture on Whitehall Rd. (prior post). It seems like it all began with selling GE appliances. I don’t know for whom. After the war he gained further experience at several stores and eventually became General Manager of the furniture department of Grossman’s Department Store. Department stores were the top-the-line merchants in the late 40’s and 50’s.

Humble beginnings looking back….yet I believe a strong entrepreneurial spirit was the catalyst for striking out on his own.

Our building now:


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