Step Aside

Leadership Challenge

Step aside

One of the more difficult aspects of leadership is knowing when to step aside. Often leaders in businesses/organizations tend to not want to give up their leadership/executive roles. In many cases they do have the experience….so they give value to the organization.

At times, when leadership changes hands….experinece gained is sometimes lost….mistakes made….yet an organization learns from mistakes.

The military in some ways does it right….leaders continually move upwards….experienced leaders step aside after a 2 or 3 year assignment for the next generation of leaders. After a long career…..the senior leaders retire. Younger officers know that if they do well….they will always (for the most part) be moving forward.

The challenge than is to know when to step aside.

News RoundUp

April 2013


+ Excellence = Quality + Endurance + Integrity + Wow. – Tom Peters

+ On the path from awareness to a sale, the marketer has to create a vacuum. – Seth Godin

+ Where are they Now? From March/April 2008 posts:

  • Cosi Deli currently 144 locations in the U.S. Stock price $.68 (very low!)
  • Alterra Coffee leading coffee/cafe chain in Milwaukee
  • Dick & Annie – welcomers at Kroger store #357 for the past five years.

+ Ineffective design – Non-profit annual report….almost unreadable light background and white 8 pt.type. Also web sites with black background and small white type.

+ Merely giving the people what they want is a shortcut to mediocrity and invisibility. – Seth Godin