Missile Launch Control

A recent report came out of Minot AFB in North Dakota about 17 ICBM launch control officers being placed on Stand Down. –


Background: I was on the R &D side of the Minuteman. Though I do have some insight into the launch control process.

The squadron commander (Lt. Col.) wrote a strong report. The launch control officers are  junior officers (lst Lts. & Captains). I would suspect that all this would take is for the wing commander to step in and have a heart-to-heart talk with these officers. Don’t embarrass the squadron….wing….command….Air Force or yourself. During the Strategic Air Command period….Operational Readiness Inspections (ORI) were conducted to insure SAC maintained its readiness and standards….if not command changes were made on the spot.

From a leadership aspect….the very fact that the squadron commander sent an email is somewhat questionable. Respect from junior officers is earned….not sought via email.

The command will resovle this issue quickly. The Minutmen force has an upmost responsibilty…..profesionally and operationally. 


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