Lead Up

In many ways, we get the bosses and clients we deserve. If they’re holding you back, change them – Seth Godin


Lead up sounds like an unique concept. Yet, it has a solid foundation. If a business/organization isn’t growing in one form or anoether….the answer may be to find other customers (clients)/members.

In the ABRES program at Ballistic Systems Division….we had a boss who really had no business being in his postion….who had no experience in the R&D business. Roy my cubie mate was exasperated with him….though since he was on flight status…..he could escape from time-to-time.

While we couldn’t change him….we found a work-around….so we weren’t held back.

In our family business….at times we had to find different customers….who were the kind of customers that would purchase our products. While it be counter to traditional thinking….changing clients….customers,,,,bosses may well be the answer to redirecting a business/organization.

Great idea from Seth Godin


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