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Sofa Repair

Sofa Repair

From WRAL:

The above article dealt with the response by Thomasville Furniture to repair a torn back panel of a $3000 sofa. It does appear that tear was caused by some object….whatever doesn’t matter. For most good furniture stores this is a simple repair….the panel is removed….and a new one stapled into place.

My Comments:

She called the furniture store and a manager asked her to send pictures to Thomasville Furniture’s corporate office.

A good furniture store would solve the problem. There is no need to send a photo to the corporate office.

Nearly four weeks later, a repair tech visited Gracely’s home and determined that the sofa needed a new fabric panel.

A store representative/repair tech should have visited the customer within 3 days.

“I think it’s high-quality furniture. What I’ve been disappointed in is the customer service,” she said. “I feel like I’m just getting the runaround.”

The company’s operations manager, Steve Willard, blamed the delays on “too many orders for workers to process.” He added that “other customers were waiting longer.”

No excuses: If there are too many orders….bring on some more people. Other customers waiting longer has no meaning to a customer that made a $3000 purchase.

Unfortunately, some businesses continue to do what they always have done. One torn back panel may be just an annoyance for Thomasville….it is not for the customer.


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