News Roundup

July 2013

Vintage newsboy

+ From: The Muskegon Community Foundation – Why are you here? video.

Attempt to inspire the community….with mixed responses. Revitalizing commuities and economies might be a significant future endeavor for forward looking organizations (and growing businesses).

+ Where are they now – From July 2008

+ Kroger buys Harris-Teeter grocery chain. Kroger has several different brands. Will they let Harris-Teeter keep their market position and brand identity?

+ Raleigh on-line business:  Dress shirts with magnets instaed of buttons.

+ Customer Care?: Time Watner Cable changed their home page, yet somehow neglected to let the customer know.

+ Starbucks has about 400 stores that are identived as Clover/Reserve.: They have a Clover brewer and “Reserve” coffees ( more whole bean choices than a typical Starbucks).