The Story

Alterra to Colectivo

Colectivo Coffee

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Alterra (now Colectivo) is a popular Milwaukee area coffee roaster and retailer. It was also served on Midwest Express when the airline was “the best care in the air”.

Alterra recentley concluded an agreement with Mars, Inc to sell the Alterra name to Mars….not the Alterra business just the name.

The reason Mars bought the name was the story behind the Alterra brand and upon which Mars can build the their coffee business now called Alterra.

According to the Colectivo owners nothing has chaged….only the name….though certainly creating controversy about the name change….at least in Milwaukee.

The lesson: The importance of the story in brand awareness.

Engineered Propulsion Systems

Evolutionary Design

Engineerd Propulsion

From jsonline:

Engineered Propulsion Systems EPS) has developed a new aircraft engine technology that is fundamentally different from current designs. It is watercooled….runs on jet or diesel fuel….and is less polluting. Jet fuel is readily available word-wide….thus a much larger market for the engine.

While at $100,000, it may not be viable for all small aircraft….though if future tests are successful….it may have a solid place in the aviation industry.

Presently a small company (10 in the U.S.)….the compelling reason for EPS is advancing engine technology with a new and innovative design.

Note: A well designed web site:

NC Peanuts

Bertie County Peanuts

Bertie County Peanuts

Bertie county is located in northeastern North Carolina. Much like the rest of eastern North Carolina….it’s rural and dependent on agriculture. In Bertie county….peanuts are a major crop.

Bertie County Peanuts has been in operation for over 90+ years and continues as a 4th generation family business.

Their primary peanut variety is the “blister fried” peanut…boiled in water….cooked in oil.

Peanuts will continue to be a major crop in North Carolina. Businesses like Bertie County Peanuts will do well if they are able to adapt to changing times.

News Roundup

July 2013

Vintage newsboy

+ From: The Muskegon Community Foundation – Why are you here? video.

Attempt to inspire the community….with mixed responses. Revitalizing commuities and economies might be a significant future endeavor for forward looking organizations (and growing businesses).

+ Where are they now – From July 2008

+ Kroger buys Harris-Teeter grocery chain. Kroger has several different brands. Will they let Harris-Teeter keep their market position and brand identity?

+ Raleigh on-line business:  Dress shirts with magnets instaed of buttons.

+ Customer Care?: Time Watner Cable changed their home page, yet somehow neglected to let the customer know.

+ Starbucks has about 400 stores that are identived as Clover/Reserve.: They have a Clover brewer and “Reserve” coffees ( more whole bean choices than a typical Starbucks).