How is everything?

Panera Bread Cary

We recently visited our local Panera Bread (photo)….a past favorite. On this visit we ordered two premium ($10.49/$8.79) sandwiches. They were up quickly and we proceeded to enjoy our dinner out. Mine was not up to Panera standards and inedible.

As we were about to leave….the shift supervisor asked: ” How was everything” I explained that my sandwich was not a good product. He asked if we wanted something from the bakery….we said no….and than walked away.

It would seem that if the question is asked “How is everything?”….and the response is everything is not OK …..the next response should be – let us make it right.

Seth Godin said:

“It doesn’t matter if you work for a search engine, run a plumbing service or organize a conference. If I’ve come to know you and trust you and then you turn your back on me, abandon me and make me feel like a fool for trusting you, I won’t be back any time soon.”

Panera Bread positions itself as casual dining restuarant with fresh ingredients. Customers trust Panera to provide a quality product.

And if it isn’t a quality product – make it right.

Note: visiting Panera listens dot-com resulted in no response. Unfortunately, Panera Bread failed at the store and corporate level.


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