Long Run

It’s a JourneyLong RunSeth Godin (09,10.13): “In the short run, sure, momentum may keep things going. But in the long run (and all the important stuff is in the long run) those individuals, that tribe, is going to care about what they always care about–itself. If you play a part in their version and vision of the future, then sure, go along for that ride. But no, you don’t own an audience.”

Being is business requires a long run perspective….while immediate success is important….if a business doesn’t look down the road it won’t be successful.

What we did as a family business….on how we treated our customers….the quality of the products….and follow-up service had a significant impact on our future business.

Businesses/organizations that don’t have a long-term view (and don’t understand the journey) just won’t last. It’s as simple as that!

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