Beneath the Surface

 Chef and The Farmer

Beneath the surface

UNC has a documentary:  on a fine dining chef and her family opening a restaurant in Kinston, NC. The documentary takes us beneath the surface of the family returning to rural NC and the restaurant business.

The first episodes have been entertaining and interesting. entertaining because Chef Vivian Howard is an engaging and likeable person….as well as this all takes place in agricultural eastern NC.

Interesting because like other businesses, restaurant businesses are complicated….from equipment to resources to personnel. From the first episode….while well-known and highly rated….The Chef and Farmer operates on a week-to-week basis (I suspect meaning cash flow).

Another incident: Some disagreements between owners carried out before staff and into the restaurant….inappropriate.

In the first two episodes…..the restauarnt has a major fire….a significant set back….yet it seems they are able to recover.

The end result: Managing any business is a challenge.

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