Common Sense

Personal Misconduct


In less than a two-week period (10.04.13 post), another flag-officer has been relieved of duty….bluntly put – fired.

In the case of this Major General, it was personal misconduct or really lack of common sense. The misconduct occurred while the general was on TDY (temporary duty away from base) not at 20th Air Force Headquarters….yet that doesn’t make any difference. Whether on TDY or on-base….common sense prevails for anyone….a 1st Lt. or a Maj.General. Nothing less than high standards should apply.

The real issue is that perhaps no one spoke up when the misconduct took place. Generals have a great deal of latitude and influence….junior officers are reluctant to say anything….a Lt.Col or Col. could and should step aside and speak out.

This Maj. General is reassigned and likely will be asked to retire….sadly embarrassing himself….family….and the Air Force.

Senior leaders must do the right thing….it only takes common sense.


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