Detroit Style

Buddys Pizza


Pizza is almost at the top of the food pyramid. Every locale has its famous pizza. Detroit and southeast Michigan are no exception. Sadly, the city of Detroit is struggling….though the areas outside of Detroit are doing OK.

What makes Detroit style different?….It is a square pizza similar to Sicilian-style pizza that has a thick deep-dish crisp crust and toppings such as pepperoni and olives, and is served with the marinara sauce on top.

Buddy’s Pizza established 1936….began making the square style in 1946. With nine locations in the Detroit metro area, Buddy’s is a well-recognized brand.

Longevity and brand recognition….key elements for a successful business.’s_Pizza

One thought on “Detroit Style

  1. Their website is excellent, great locations in Detroit area, nutrition information, testimonials and all. I checked the Farmington Hill menu and made me hungry. Perhaps a smaller menu would be better but I guess it has worked for 80 years. Square pizza looks like a great Detroit tradition.

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