Product + Service

Better than Average

The N&O restaurant critic visited a new restaurant in Cary…..his review was:

Food: well-executed. Service:  ” Could be warmer and more attentive”.

It is a puzzle to me why restaurant owners/chefs make a large investment in their businesses….prepare good food and yet the service does not reflect the quality of the meal.

I spoke to the reviewer. His reply:

  • The proliferation of the culinary arts….increases people with excellent food cooking skills. Yet….there is not a clear understanding of  business skills. It is not only the food quality….it is also the service quality that completes the dining experience.
  • Except for a few high-end restaurants that have developed a professional level of service and staff….most restaurants depend on part-time service staff with also a corresponding high turnover.

Excellent restaurants are an asset to the community….if a restaurant owner wants to develop a loyal cliental….than an investment in creating extraordinary service is as important as extraordinary meals. 


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