Thank You


Thank you

We were all taught  to say “please” and “thank you”. Of course, when we completed a sale we said a sincere “Thank You”….and a firm hand shake. It was the way we did business.

That way of doing business still applies today and even where a “Thank You” is extended to those that perform a service. The cashier at the checkout….the grocery bagger….the service provider….they all get a “Thank You”.

Most of the times they don’t expect any response….it’s a routine job….yet when we have acknowledge their work….they have always been appreciative.

It is a nice way to make a connection between people….saying “Thank You”.

First & Lasting Impressions

The Front Desk


We have had to make a change in our primary care provider. Within our insurance plan there are several offices to consider. The first step was to narrow the selections to manageable number….and easy driving distance.

The second step was to read reviews from others on a certain provider. Now reviews are often subjective….the thing that I look for is a pattern. One person could have had a bad experience for one reason or another….while others can be very positive.

What stood out in provider reviews was the interactions between the staff and front desk and the patient. Several of the providers were considered satistfactory….yet the staff and in particular  the reception area were quite unsatisfactory.

The end result: the front end is as important as the doctor in the exam room….good people….good traing help create a positive experience for the patient….and customer.


ICBM Force


AP News: “Key Air Force officers ‘burned out‘”

While I was on the R & D side of the ICBM System….I do have an insight into the news about the “burn out” article. Some key points.

  • The Minutemen III wings are located in the northern part of the US.
  • The ICBM force is out of the limelight as opposed to other Air Force missions.
  • While a career field, the missile specialty could be a rather narrow advancement path.

Launch Control Minutemen

Each launch control center has two positions….usually a Captain and lst Lieutenant. They are in an underground Launch Control Center….with an extended duty period.

There are 450 Minutemen III ICBM in the silos with the Reentry Vehicle (RV) being the weapon to target. My area of work was in the RV. The strategy of the ICBM force is deterent….and the safeguarding of national interests. In 2013….that startegy continues to be a priority.

From the Air Force and organization perspective….the fundamental issue is leadership. Everything revolves around leadership whether it is government….business….or the military.  

At the national level, the ICBM System is vital to national security. At the Air Force level this system is a key component to the Air Force mission. At the command level….the Minutemant III is a necessary element of the force structure. With these principles in place….than the Air Force must ensure the best wing commanders are selected that provide the leadership to develop motivated and committed officers and enlisted personnel.

It is leadership that creates sound businesses and strong organizations. Sometimes it’s great….sometimes it’s not.

Be the Best

Build Up

Be the Best

I always use slide w/ G.Whalin quote: “Be the best. It’s the only market that’s not crowded.” – Tom Peters

Being the best is difficult….yet attainable. In competitive markets, companies try to defeat their competition. In fact, a great deal of energy and resources are spent in this strategy. Business is sometimes considered a game….with a winner and a loser. It doesn’t have to be.

A great business will understand the competition….and create a strategy where it is the best at what it does. Build yourself up… than let the competiton decide if they want to compete.

Be the only ones who do what you do.


June 1984


My Inc. Magazine from June 1984….almost 30 years ago. 

Paul Hawken ….was the cover story….Planning for “The Next Economy”.  In 1984, Hawken had some distinctly different ideas on small business strategy….Inc. called it a “provocative approach”. Hawken had started Smith & Hawken, a mail-order garden tools business. Hawken’s strategy was a new approach to busiess….”our marketing strategy is really an educational strategy….educating gardners about gardening and about the joy of using fine garden tools. Then we sit back and let our customers decide.”

Smith and Hawken was eventually sold and later became a brand line for Target. It’s appeal greatly diminished.

Advertisers/Product lines  in the June issue that no longer exist.

  • Corona Data Systems – PC
  • Aura – Software
  • Computerland – Retail
  • IBM – PC
  • Northern Telecom – Phone System
  • Epson – PC
  • Page America – Paging System
  • Burroughs – PC

Note. The June 1984 issue was a substantial 188 pages 





Tom Peters and Bob Waterman’s Book ” In Search of Excellence” set the standard for business management….and started an entirely new way on how good businesses operate. There was a “polish” to “In search of Excellence”.

Like many catchy words and phrases…..excellence gets overused. In a recent review the reviewer said the service was polished. Another presentation that I attended was polished.

Perhaps polished….excellence….professionalism are interchageable….yet polished to me also indicates almost flawless.


Smart Vision Lights

Smart Vision Lifgts

LED lights are the next generation of lighting. Cree….a company in the RDU area is a leader in this technology. Another innovator is a much smaller company located in Dalton Township, MI….where our business was located.

Smart Vision Lights manufactures the components (using LED lights) that enable cameras to read bar codes and examine parts as they pass through an  assembly process. Smart Vision makes a small subpart of a larger production application….yet focuses on a well-defined niche market.

Growing from two to 13 employees is a large step for this unique and mostly unknown business in Dalton Township.