Assembly Line

Ford + Norge

Ford Production

Ford motor has a huge 5-million-square-foot ultra modern assembly plant in Wayne, MI. The plant with nearly 5,000 employees, working in three shifts, makes primarily the Ford Focus….though it can easily shift to other models.

From the NY Times:

One of my first “real” jobs was working on a Norge refrigerator assembly line….no clean floors or robots in the Norge plant….it was a factory from the 30’s with numerous people assembling refrigerators. My job….attaching the compressor to the back of the refrigerator box….4 metal screws at 60 units per hour.

Assembly lines are a vital part of manufacturing….not like the grungy Norge line….more technology driven. “Yet it stlll comes down to the assembly line to integrate the latest features seamlessly into the final product.”

Assembly lines will be around for awhile.


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