June 1984


My Inc. Magazine from June 1984….almost 30 years ago. 

Paul Hawken ….was the cover story….Planning for “The Next Economy”.  In 1984, Hawken had some distinctly different ideas on small business strategy….Inc. called it a “provocative approach”. Hawken had started Smith & Hawken, a mail-order garden tools business. Hawken’s strategy was a new approach to busiess….”our marketing strategy is really an educational strategy….educating gardners about gardening and about the joy of using fine garden tools. Then we sit back and let our customers decide.”

Smith and Hawken was eventually sold and later became a brand line for Target. It’s appeal greatly diminished.

Advertisers/Product lines  in the June issue that no longer exist.

  • Corona Data Systems – PC
  • Aura – Software
  • Computerland – Retail
  • IBM – PC
  • Northern Telecom – Phone System
  • Epson – PC
  • Page America – Paging System
  • Burroughs – PC

Note. The June 1984 issue was a substantial 188 pages 

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