Redlands, CA

American Futures

Redlands, CA

James Fallows is a prolific journalist for The Atlantic Monthly magazine. A current series is American Futures….exploring the economic opportunities in mid-size and smaller American cities. He recently visited Redlands, CA.

This American Futures story was about the remaining orange packing plant in Redlands. In the early 60’s….we lived in San Bernardino, CA….the center of orange production in Southern California….Redlands being adjacent to San Bernardino.

Often we would drive over to Redlands….visiting the University of Redlands….shopping in the quaint downtown area….attending events at the Redlands Bowl . Redlands is very nice community and the home of ESRI (geographic mapping software).

IMG_1413Fifty years ag0….I purchased this  pair of Bostonian Shoes in Redlands….they are still like new and a nice reminder of our time in San Bernardino/Redlands, CA.,_California