Correct Decision


I have written previously (2.15.14, 1.16.14) about unethical occurrences in the ICBM force.

The Secretary of the Air Force has acted upon the investigations and implemented her decisions. The 341st wing commander resigned….three squadron commanders have been relieved along with several other commanders. It was time for action in the ICBM forces.

I would suspect that a certain culture built up over a period of time at Malmstron AFB and that it was difficult to incrementally change. It takes a major  shift in gears and that is what the Air Force did in making the decision to relieve these commanders. It is now up to those  remaining to also shift gears and not tarnish the nuclear force further.

There continues to be a need for a deterrent force in the Air Force and Navy and it must be the very best.

A lesson to remember:  “Had just one solitary airman spoken up for integrity, our leadership team would have been able to take action immediately. Tragically, peer pressure and the fear of being an outcast prevailed. “


Anderson Global

Anderson Global

Anderson Pattern (now Anderson Global) is a moderate size company in Muskegon. Patterns and molds (as the engine block mold in the photo) being the foundation of the metal manufacturing industry.

Their building sits on a corner of Seaway Drive in Muskegon on the edge of many former industrial buildings….now vacant land.

The story of Anderson Global is one of persevering and adapting. While some businesses can stay the same, most others have to be willing to change in a fast paced global world.




Why do businesses exclude customers from buying? It’s puzzling? Two examples:

  • Staples – $25 off on-line/$10 off in-store coupon. The offers are incentives to buy….yet there are 20+ exclusions that don’t apply.
  • Home Comfort – Free delivery on $799 or more bedding set.

At Staples….certain products among others are excluded….Apple….Epson….Bose. At Home Comfort….what if the purchase is less than $799? Should not delivery be included with any large purchase?

Exclusions make the offer less attractive. A better strategy for incentive offers is to simplify the buying process…. make them less exclusive.

Rubber Stamps

Old School

Rubber Stamps

From the Journal Sentinel:

Rubber stamps don’t sound very exciting….Schwaab, Inc. has been in business for well over a 100 years. They have been able to adapt to changing times.

The primary reason for Schwaab’s success….Internet sales which account for 1/3 of its $20M sales.

There are different business models….some flashy….others fairly staid…continuing in business and growing is a solid strategy even if it involves ordinary (old school) rubber stamps.

Durham Bulls

Too Small


The Durham Bulls are an iconic team in minor league baseball. A recent ad in the N & O headlined “Bulls Reborn”. The ad went on to describe that the Durham Athletic Park (DAP) has recently undergone a $20 million facelift….the DAP considered one of the finest in the country.

That is all well and good….however the main reason for the advertisement was to presell 9-game ticket packages.

Secondly, the ad was 3×5 column inches in text/editorial format with an extremely small  type font that requires a magnifying glass to read.

It would be interesting to know how many ticket packages were sold from this ad….my guess very few.


What is it?


Cackalacky is a spicy condiment sauce.

There must be 100’s of similar sauces….each one vying for limited grocery shelf space. What makes Cackalacky unique and different is that sweet potatoes are a key component.

Cackalacky may be a delicious condiment….however its web site doesn’t tell the customer that.

The home page opens to the product/shopping catalog. The “about” page does offer a brief description.

Customers need to know more about a product before they make the purchase. While sweet potatoes are the secret….there needs to be much more about the product itself.

From the N & O:




IBM has recently announced personal changes. The armed forces plan to reduce personal levels. Some companies always seem to be rearranging people.

A column in the N&O said this: ” A much better path to success is becoming indispensable. people with great aptitude and great attitude are hard to find and expensive. indispensable employees deliver more each day to their employer and team than they receive. Find your path to work and career success in becoming indispensable.”

Tom Peters (PSF publications) said the same thing….whether an individual….a team….or large department….consider this as being an excellent/indispensable PSF to the company.

Being indispensable means continually learning….acomplishing goals….exceeding expectations. Above and beyond makes any person or team that much valuable. There will always be superb opportunities for those that become indispensable.

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