News Roundup

February 2014


Where are they now – From Feb. 2009

  • ACE Hardware: Now Town & Country – an independent hardware store
  • Culvers: Privately owned – fast casual resturant – 475 locations
  • Amazon: 2013 Sales $74B
  • Trust: Rex is the only mechaic that has touched my Toyota Camry
  • Apple: The Macintosh was developed 30 years ago….now the Apple iPad

+ Businesses exist to SERVE. Their employees. Their customers. Their communities. PERIOD.

+ Starbucks has grown by an average of two stores every day for the past 27 years.

+ 10 people will have the chance to present a dream using 20 slides that advance every 20 seconds.

+ Minuteman launch from Popular Mechanics:

Followup to Scout Coffee (2.18.14) –

+ Professional skill #1 for a leader is listening! Does 1 b-school in 20 teach it as fullblown core course-Tom Peters

+ Instant over the counder medication from Walgreens –


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