Why do businesses exclude customers from buying? It’s puzzling? Two examples:

  • Staples – $25 off on-line/$10 off in-store coupon. The offers are incentives to buy….yet there are 20+ exclusions that don’t apply.
  • Home Comfort – Free delivery on $799 or more bedding set.

At Staples….certain products among others are excluded….Apple….Epson….Bose. At Home Comfort….what if the purchase is less than $799? Should not delivery be included with any large purchase?

Exclusions make the offer less attractive. A better strategy for incentive offers is to simplify the buying process…. make them less exclusive.

Rubber Stamps

Old School

Rubber Stamps

From the Journal Sentinel:


Rubber stamps don’t sound very exciting….Schwaab, Inc. has been in business for well over a 100 years. They have been able to adapt to changing times.

The primary reason for Schwaab’s success….Internet sales which account for 1/3 of its $20M sales.

There are different business models….some flashy….others fairly staid…continuing in business and growing is a solid strategy even if it involves ordinary (old school) rubber stamps.