Correct Decision


I have written previously (2.15.14, 1.16.14) about unethical occurrences in the ICBM force.

The Secretary of the Air Force has acted upon the investigations and implemented her decisions. The 341st wing commander resigned….three squadron commanders have been relieved along with several other commanders. It was time for action in the ICBM forces.

I would suspect that a certain culture built up over a period of time at Malmstron AFB and that it was difficult to incrementally change. It takes a major  shift in gears and that is what the Air Force did in making the decision to relieve these commanders. It is now up to those  remaining to also shift gears and not tarnish the nuclear force further.

There continues to be a need for a deterrent force in the Air Force and Navy and it must be the very best.

A lesson to remember:  “Had just one solitary airman spoken up for integrity, our leadership team would have been able to take action immediately. Tragically, peer pressure and the fear of being an outcast prevailed. “