Casper Sleep

Matress in a Box


Bedding (mattress and foundation) is very confusing to a customer. The main reasons – many varieties and price points. There is even super premium bedding that retails for thousands of dollars.

Casper Sleep has developed a mattress that is easily transported….it comes in a box. The one drawback….it still requires a foundation.

In our business….a customer objection was that they only needed to purchase a mattress….the box spring was serviceable. In reality….the box spring/foundation was worn out. 

Just like for a house, a solid foundation (box spring) makes a better house (mattress). Of course….the manufacturers would not warranty the mattress without a matching box spring. A 312 coil mattress would also have a 312 coil foundation….the best combination.

Mattress in a box – different and meets a specific need.



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