Brand Protection

General Motors/Toyota


Both GM and Toyota have been very visible in the news….GM with a faulty ignition switch (57 cent) and Toyota with massive recalls.

It seems like that GM’s response was reactive and Toyota’s was proactive. Both companies trying to protect their brand.

Will they be successful….for the most part yes….though my guess Toyota more so.

In our family business, our name was our brand….we did not tarnish that name. Unfortunately in the case of GM….perhaps decisions were made that did not recognize the seriousness of replacing a small switch. GM needs to take prompt and effective action to protect its brand and customers (and not rely on bankruptcy as a shield).




Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

New technology makes it easier to tap maple tress for syrup. Often we get over- technologized with another app to make things easier. In this report….that is not the case.

Large maple syrup producers use interconnected lines to gather the sap from maple trees to the sugar houses. In the past, these lines got bent….pulled down ….or chewed by wild life.

Maple producers now have monitoring systems to keep an electronic eye on the sap vacuum lines. The data is transmitted to a computer or smart phone showing if there is a break in the line and where it is located. Technology in this case makes gathering the maple sap a more efficient operation.


Kiwi Business

WA Coppins (Sea Anchors)


Great business from New Zealand:

Tom Peters spends several months during the winter in New Zealand….following is an article about an impressive NZ business:

WA Coppins is a 4th generation New Zealand business and the worlds leading maker of underwater parachute anchors.

Peters compared the business to Germany’s Mittlesand (medium size companies) that are a key component of the German economy. The same holds true for the US economy.

What makes companies like this unique:

“We always look to a market that nobody else is working in and having better designers in that field.”

News Roundup

March 2014


+ Where are they now – from March 2009

  • Motivation: Keep Calm and Carry On – Still a strong statement
  • Kogi Korean Tacos: Los Angeles, CA
  • Root Beer – Sprecher Brewing: Gourmet sodas – Glendale, WI
  • CG Schmidt Construction: – From their mission & values – “No Surprises” 

+ Tom Peters: Big SIX 1. Hello. 2. Thank you. 3. Eye contact. 4. Fierce listening. 5. “What do you think?” 6. “How can I help?”

+ WAWA – Why it’s popular:

+ #1 investment for improving ROI? Not even a close call. TRAINING.(Disagree, circa 2014, at your peril.) – T. Peters

+ Pretty good is a choice. It works, often. But it doesn’t change anything. – Seth Godin

+ Moving from Widows XP to Widows 7. It seems like Windows 8 is not quite right yet.

+ Retro-reflective bicycle from San Francisco;

+ Good advice: Don’t accept no from someone who can’t say yes