Vision - new

Tom Peters is a well-respected business thinker….one of the links on TrueNorth.

Recently there has been an ongoing discussion regarding an organization’s vision. Tom is not a proponent of vision. Tom is right in that often vision has very little meaning. Many vision statements are superfluous and most people don’t know what they mean.

Vision like many words (and concepts) is illusive. I tend to think vision is important if used and understood correctly.  Vision is a destination….a place where the business/organization wants to be. It must be attainable….it must be clear and well-defined.

Having a clear vision helps in decision-making. If something doesn’t fit the vision….don’t do it. The vision doesn’t change….strategy does change.

Tom Peters’s perspective….businesses have to act and do….”act – think – act”.

I continue to like Mission – Vision – Values as a foundation for organizations. I also like Tom Peter’s ideas of implementation….action….execution.

It’s not either/or but both….a picture of a desired outcome and the willingness to act intuitively.







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