Hardwood Repair

Flimsy – Part 2


The flimsy refrigerator evaporator tray was easily repaired (5.28.14). That was the easy part….now comes the big surprise.

The water from the crack in the tray seeped onto the hardwood floor with about three 2 1/4 in by 3 ft boards a little out of shape. Not much….in fact the only exposed joint is barely noticeable.

The floor was installed in 2010….a call to the home center and an estimate of repair for total area of about  8″ x 24″ and….

The repair estimate: $473!!

The analysis of a repair estimate that is about 10% of the entire cost of the new floor:

  1. $292 for 40 sq. ft. of flooring (one box) at $7.32/ sq. ft.
  2. $125 for labor, $17 sales tax
  3. The 2010 price for the same material – $4.35/ sq. ft.
  4. An Internet price for the same material $3.75/ sq. ft (plus freight)

I don’t think this is the kind of estimate that generates future business….was it really thought through? Of course, the major cost is for 40 sq. ft. of material (a full carton)when less than 2 sq. ft.  is needed for the repair. The other question – the difference in price/ sq. ft from $4.35 (or $3.75) to $7.32.

Lessons Learned:

1) Keep any excess material from the original installation ( I always do….unfortunately not this time).

2) Someone….somewhere has a few pieces of this floor material.

3) Actually there is really no visible sign of damage (it’s under the refrigerator)….so perhaps don’t be overly concerned.

Business Take-Away:

  • Would I forward this estimate to a customer?….No
  • The material and labor cost is out of line. At the most, perhaps a 1-1/2 hour repair and $75 charge
  • I would say – let’s see if we (or the customer) can find some individual pieces, before we absolutely have to order a full carton.






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