Brand – Customers – Public


From Seth Godin (o6.04.14): Organizations ought to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Failing that, they ought to do the right thing because their public doesn’t belong to them, they belong to their public, and when they fail to understand that, value disappears.

Seth of course is spot-on….whether a business or an organization.

1) Businesses often forget that the pubic (customers) is the one reason they exist. I suppose that someone would say business exists for the stockholders. In our economic world that happens….yet without the customers (public) there would be few rewards for stockholder investment.

2) Some Organizations operate in the same manner….they exist for themselves. Yet they also have a public that ultimately determines whether they have long-term sustainability. Over the years….I have seen organizations that were once successful flounder. The reason….no clear purpose for their existence….no clear understanding that they belong to the public.

In our business….customers were challenging….not all the time….some of the time. At the end of day when we totaled the days sales….locked up the building….it was a remainder that all what we did was for the customer…..our reward was accomplishing that purpose.





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