Expand the Pie



A former business friend recently passed away. Paul’s passing reminded me of the competitive market we were in….yet how that was beneficial to our business. There are less than a 1/4 of the home furnishings businesses that remain in Muskegon….than when we were in business.

With all the competition, it was a challenge to stand out….yet that is what made us different. Actually, all of the stores created lots of advertising. Thursdays were the big ad day and every business had an ad….several full page….most 3/4. Customers knew that the home furnishings market was competitive. More stores helped to expand the pie. Our job was to make sure we had our slice of the pie.

Most of the competition was friendly….if we needed a piece to fill an oder….it only required a call and we would borrow or buy at cost the needed item. Paul and us  worked together for many years doing that.

Competition is what made us different and willing to try new ideas that gave us presence in the marketplace.

Paul MathewsPaul was a good friend. He entered the Marine Corps in 1941 and was on Guadalcanal in 1942. After the war he finished college….served in Korea and entered the home furnishings industry….for a long career. Truly a member of The Great Generation.


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