News Update

June 2014

Radio picture

+ From June 2008

  • Oren Harari: Was one of the best management experts
  • Southwest Airlines: a well managed airline….though considerably different even after five years
  • Internet: Continuous growth and a way to do business (if done correctly)

+ Starbucks in Australia: Starbucks sold its last remaining stores to a competitor. It has NO presence in Australia.

+ Milestone: 900th post on 06.12.14.

+ Seth Godin: What if instead, you created a reputation as the person or organization that can honestly say, “you can’t get this from anyone but me.”

+ Seth Godin: Mitch writes about the very near future when most fast-serve and mid-priced restaurants will have a tablet on the table, letting you order and pay without ever speaking to a waiter. It sort of takes the magic out of restaurants for me, but I get his point.

+ Restaurateur Giorgios Bakatsias: “Always ask yourself ‘How can I improve? How can I do better?’ It’s good that things are changing and improving.”

+ Aeropress Review (06.12.14): Well Made-Well Designed – Well Done = a good cup of coffee

+East Coast Classic Cars – in small town Lillington, NC:


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