Unverferth Manufacturing – Ohio

Unverferth Grain

Located in a Kalida, Ohio, Unverferth Manufacturing has been in existence since 1948.

Probably few people other than those in the agricultural business know the company.

Piper MalibuOn July 10, 2014, their Piper Meridian flew into Muskegon, Mi (MKG) from Van Wert, Ohio…..more than likely one of their suppliers is in Muskegon. After a short time on the ground….the following flight segments:


  • MKG to Waterloo, IA
  • Waterloo to Aberdeen, SD
  • Aberdeen to Norman County, MN
  • Norman County to Aberdeen
  • Aberdeen to Waterloo
  • Waterloo to MKG
  • MKG to Van Wert, OH

The Piper Meridian can do this since it cruises at 250 knots….thus many stops in a day. The other and more significant aspect is the aircraft as a business tool….especially in the Midwest farm region.

Unverferth Manufacturing in a small town in Ohio….yet a viable part of a strong economy.


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