Robot Sales

No Sales People



From the J-S Online:

“While I do believe that a knowledgeable retail sales associate can usually help a consumer make a better mattress selection, some consumers may be attracted to this self-help model,” Perry said. “This is an interesting retail concept that bears close scrutiny.”

We were very good at “selling” bedding….because we knew our product and our customers. Mattress products are difficult to understand….everything is enclosed in generally a flowery/attractive cover (in the industry it’s called ticking). The customer only sees the outside of the mattress and of course lays on it for a few minutes.

Our job was to know the manufacturers (Richards and Eastman House)….they were excellent folks to work with and honest. We in turn sold a product that fit the needs of the customer….We never had a return. While we carried a higher end model….in general the medium to better models were the best sellers and best buys.

It’s always good to try something different….in the case of bedding its a good product and a good sales person that make the sale.

A Robot can’t do that!



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