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Furnace filters are a common item….and vary considerably in price and features. The more features/benefits the higher the price.

In todays N&O there is a story on a web startup that delivers furnace filters to you door. This isn’t cutting edge technology….and there are other businesses that do this including Amazon.


The differential according to the story was:

  • A user-friendly website
  • Charge prices that were comparably priced to buying at a Lowe’s or Home Depot

The web site is very easy to use. I plugged in my filter sizes for the “good” filter (good-better-best selections) and the delivered price was $21.89 or $10.95 ea. Replacing the filters every three months….our cost for a years supply would be $87.56.

Now I recently purchased a 3-pack of basic filters at Lowe’s for $8.54 or $2.85 ea. ($22.80 for a year). So a difference for my size filter is $65 per year. I don’t need the furnace filter subscription service yet. (Note: I am not comparing the exact filter from FilterEasy only their basic and Lowe’s basic).

The article went on to say that sales for FilterEasy are approaching $1M. That’s a sizable amount for a new startup business. Is this a solid business model? Perhaps….for some folks buying furnace filters is routine….others want to do it as convenient as possible.



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