Simple & Useful


Trash ease

From the Detroit Free Press:

A simple product that solves a problem.

A very clever idea. It take a creative person to come up with the idea and move it forward. The Trash-Ease holds a plastic bag open and clamps to a table….very simple. It can’t be too difficult to manufacture….heavy guage wire (or steel rod) and a forming machine.

Of course selling to Walmart….means attractive packaging and distribution.

A creative product….and why didn’t someone think of that before


Foundry Legacy


Another business discovered:

Muskegon has always had a foundry industry in one form or another. In the past….it was  heavy cast iron (engine blocks) products. Those days are gone….yet metal casting is still part of the economy.

Port City Signage started making cast metal golf course signage and has evolved into manufacturing architectural signs.

Companies like Port City Signage may never reach multi-million dollar sales….they will always be solid….successful businesses that are a vital part of the local economy.

A key element of growth will always be – market expansion….ability to leverage cuurent abilities to other products and markets.

3 Michelin Stars

Le bernardinLe Bernardin

I might never dine at Le Bernardin….one of New Yorks best fine dining restaurants.

To get a Michelin 3 star rating means it is a superb organization. Headed by Chef Eric Ripert, Le Bernardin is easily a multi-million dollar business.

Being a 3-star restaurant also means that every day….every meal needs to be perfect….not just above average….but absolutely perfect (3 star ratings usually means 3 star prices).

From a business perspective, Le Bernardin is a well established business (started in 1986). Eric Ripert is a full partner (since 1996) and primarily responsible for what many call the best fish restaurant in New York, if not the world.

To be the best….requires excellent leadership…..commitment to exceptional product/service….outstanding talent/people and the willingness to continually improve.

News Roundup

July 2014

Radio News

+ Where are they now from July 2009:

+ Wal-Mart latest annual revenue: $475B

+ From The New York Times: Bill Gates’ favorite business book – “Business Adventures”

+ A clever idea to fix bike tires:

+ Apple stores sales per square foot: $4,551, more than any other U.S. retailer

+ From my Air Force days: The ABRES program (1966) had an interface with the Navy Polaris ICBM. From the Air Force Times something along those lines in 2014: