Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar

I heard Zig Ziglar about 15 years ago….Zig was a great motivational speaker. His presentations were built around succinct quotes and verbalizing them in a strong convincing manner.

The above “ziglarism” has real meaning….successful organizations are built around successful people. Successful people in turn help customers/clients/members get what they want. It is simply taking care of employees who take care of customers. Good businesses have to have good values….and helping/taking care of people us one of them.

The best military leaders are those that take care of their troops both enlisted and officers.Unfortunately in some organizations, there are ineffective leaders and at times a culture exits that does not take care of people.

I think that we did a very good job in taking care of people in our family business….and we took care of our customers.


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