Reinventing Downtown

MEL RedevelopedDTMusk

Business in Muskegon has always been challenging. The largest undertaking has been the complete redevelopment of the downtown area.

From MLive: http://www.mlive.com/opinion/muskegon/index.ssf/2014/09/editorial_mlives_downtown_musk.html#incart_river

From the photo….most of the buildings on Western Ave were torn down….only the 7-story building (upper left center) and the 2-story in front of that building remain. To the right of the circle is the Fruenthal  Theater ….a Muskegon icon. The photo is taken from the hotel across the street. Whether retail returns to downtown….remains to be seen….If any retail does open it would most likely be specialty type stores.

Things in Muskegon don’t happen overnight….think in terms of decades. My best guess is a combination of professional offices….cultural venues and specialty retail will be the future mix.

Evolution is a good word for the rebuilding of Muskegon.


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