Expanding the Brand

Chefs life

PBS stations began showing “A Chefs Life” series last year. It was about a fine-dining restaurant in Kinston, NC….The Chef and the Farmer and Chef Vivian Howard.

Recently Southern Seasons (a high-end retailer) announced a partnership with Ms Howard:

The second season began last Sunday with the planed opening of casual restaurant next to the original restaurant. An interesting comment from the first episode: “most of the folks in Kinston can’t afford to eat at The Chef and Farmer”….thus a need for a more casual venue.

Expanding the brand is a form of growth as long as it relates to the main product (the restaurant). The first set of products are four gift sets….these seem to capitalize on Ms. Howard’s name. The second proposed products are cooking accessories due out in 2015. Every chef has their own product label….the true test will be if these are actually created and used by Ms. Howard. In other words, If one puts their name on a product….make sure it’s very good.