Root Beer

Brand Extension

Point Premium Root Beer

Stevens Point Brewers is one of many craft brewers.

From J-S Online:

Business brand development is a key component of growth. The addition of a premium Root Beer product is a logical move by Stevens Point Brewing and other brewers.

Business Books

My Favorites


As with all types of books, there are hundreds of business books….and everyone has their favorites. Over the past 20 years….my choices:

  • Tom Peters – How businesses/organizations should operate
  • Oren Harari – Very good on leadership/management
  • Jim Collins – What makes companies great
  • Peter Senge – A major work on Systems Thinking
  • John Maxwell – One of the best on leadership
  • Mike Abrashoff – Leadership in the Navy
  • Max DePree – An early proponent of people-driven management
  • Peter Drucker – The best on organizational management

Studying for an MBA meant several analytical courses….just using the above authors could have been a course of its own.