News Roundup

October 2014

Vintage radio

+ Where are they now from Oct. 2009:

  • Management by walking around (MBWA) – A must for any manager
  • Ross Business School – Cotinues to be highly ranked
  • Starbucks – Constanly innovative in new products. 
  • Toyota – From Consumer Reports – most relaiable brand

+ ” If you want to earn a lot of money, show up, pay attention, work hard, communicate carefully and make valuable contributions.” –

+ “–build network of peers. Forget solo. Best network wins. – Tom Peters

+ Sears in precipitous decline: While the local Sears is closing shortly….the mall owners will want a stronger retailer to complement the other retailers in the mall.

+ How Google makes money-changed the way companies advertised thru “pay per click”….Google only gets paid when a customer clicks on the Google ad.

+ To serve customers with uniform Excellence, you must FIRST effectively and faithfully serve those who serve the customer. – Tom peters


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