Market Differentiation

Proven Strategy


“We recently did an analysis here: We spend $12,000 to develop a Cook’s Illustrated recipe. That’s a lot of money. That’s weeks of work. The reason we do it is because that’s the point of differentiation. If you have something people can get in ten other places, I just don’t know how you make a go of it in the web world, unless you’ve got a lock on some sort of traditional media.” –

The common theme of the TrueNorth blog is better & different. That is clearly what makes the Cook’s Illustrated unique….and also what every businesses strategy should be. Differentiating product/services from the lowest common denominator is what contributes to growth and a solid business.

If a business is not different….it is like all the others and presents no reason why a customer should choose one or the other.

Being different is a proven strategy.

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