Real Job

More Leaders

More leaders

Remember quote, leaders job create more leaders, not followers. Being in charge & pursue Excellence NOT about “controlling.”  – Tom Peters

Leaders/leadership has to be one of the most written about subjects in the business/organizational environment.

Like any aspect of business….there is always something new or different to learn about leadership whether it’s the military….government….enterprises….or non-profits.

In some environments….little attention is paid to leadership. Often I would hear –  this is the way it has been done….so this is the way we do it now. In one situation in particular….an organization continues with adequate resources yet any growth had been minimal….so therefore why change the leadership model.

In the Michigan MBA program (1967) the emphasis was on management theory….not so much on leadership. That has changed over the years….Noel Tichey being the prominent leadership professor at the business school.

Common Sense

Or Lack Of


In a recent Defense Brief….were two discouraging stories of lack of common sense:

One involving two Air Force Academy (AFA) cadets….the other an US Navy Captain (06).

The cadets placed themselves in a compromising situation. Do they not  value the opportunity to attend the academy?….to attend a military academy is a privilege….don’t jeopardize the opportunity. It is doubtful they will be commissioned….common sense must be an attribute of any officer…..if it can’t be exercised as a cadet….more than likely it won’t be applied as an officer.

The second story involved a Navy Captain….who should have exercised mature common sense. It is intriguing that a O6 would place himself in this position or even take an inappropriate course of action. More than likely, something is discovered and a firing takes place and resignation (or retirement). Colonels/Captains are a valued rank for most military officers. Apparently, this Captain exhibited little common sense….unfortunately he will not be the last.

Both the AFA cadets and Navy 06 were not very smart.