News Roundup

January 2015

Vintage News room

+ Where are they now from January 2010

  • “Best kept secret” – This is still not a sound marketing strategy.
  • 3 Stars feedback – Feedback is important, no business/organization is perfect.
  • Brand character – The Lesson: Businesses/organizations/people may not minimize the importance of character.

+ The ultimate secret is actually CEOs who engage with front-line people who in turn constantly engage with customers. – Tom Peters

+ Show up. Smile. Be civil. Learn something new every day.

+ You might not need a bigger niche. You might only need to produce more value for those you already serve. – Seth Godin

+ From Springwise top business ideas for 2015:

+ Best performing cities for 2015- Raleigh/Cary #5 –

+ Average is just another word for mediocre- Seth Godin

+ How does a Redbox stay stocked:

+ “I’ll tell you what my mom told me when I was 13. She says ‘always get on the right bus with great people, and it’ll take you to places that you can’t get alone.’ I’ve been at those two places, I’m still at one of them. The United States Military Academy and Duke are those two places.” – Mike Krzyzewski

+ Why Target failed in Canada – poor execution and disappointing their customers.



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