Eventually Success


Much is written about failure….often this: “Failure is not an option”.

Tom Peters continually states that failure is part of a successful organization….the willingness to try new ideas….new ways of doing things….some work, some don’t. Excellent businesses have a culture of trying and continuing trying.

The winter months remind me of “failure” in our business. We would make a sizeable investment in each weeks advertising promotion….newspaper and radio. Friday and Saturday were generally the highest sales days and were vital for the business. Yet we would often have poor weather….that resulted in people not getting out to do their discretionary purchasing.

The end result: failure of that weeks promotion. Of course, we would start over again for the following week….create the promotion theme….layout the ad and get ready for the weekend. We could not dwell on the poor results (failure) of a bad week….even if weather related. If we did….we should not have been in that business. In the long term….there was eventually success.

“Fail. Fail again. Fail better.” (Tom Peters)

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