News Roundup

February 2015

NBC Vintage

+  From February 2010. Where they now:

  • Good News – United Air – MKG to ORD (Chicago)- continues to operate
  • Undercover Boss – Irrelevant in 2015
  • Hot Logic – Induction heat warmer, good reviews –
  • Pizza – Home Run Inn/Palermos -solid grocery store pizzas

+ “I think Sonic understands their core customer more than the big guys do.” – Will Slabaugh

+ “It’s not how good you are; it’s how much better you are than the competition.” – Chris Gibbons

+ Radio Shack: A poor strategy and messy execution led to the downfall of the once-iconic hangout for hobbyists and electronics buffs.

+ Making progress means deviating from what we’ve done before… even if it’s what got us here.

+ New from Tom Peters: Getting Things (that matter) Done –



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