Perceived Value

Perceived Value

I recently received a life-style catalog (from Napa, CA). The pricing was certainly high-end. Are the products also high-end?

The question: Is there a perception that these are higher-quality products simply because they are from Napa?

Steve Heimoff posted: Why Napa Cabernet (wine) costs so much. – “One, Cabernet Sauvignon, has become almost exclusively dominated, in the mind of the consumer, with a single appellation: Napa Valley.” In otherwords, a Cabernet wine from Napa is perceived as being a very desirable and costly wine.

It also seems since the catalog products have a Napa name associated with them….they also are very desirable and costly.

Steve Hemioff’ wrote there are Cabernets from other parts of California that are just as good as the Napa Cabernet. I would suspect that there are also products that are just as good as the catalog products and more than likely less costly.

Perception does not always equate to value.



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