CAPT Greg McWherter

Great boss

US Navy CAPT Greg McWherter recently retired. The comments from another Blog were very clear that he was an outstanding boss and naval officer (though some controversy as commander of the Blue Angels).

The real test of leadership is how others see the leader as the boss….most of us encounter others as bosses or leaders….yet few may be considered as great and/or outstanding.

Great bosses almost have an instinct for what it takes….while others may have to learn those skills. However, one gets to being a great boss….those who do make it are few and far in- between. Just because someone makes it to an 0-6 (CAPT or COL) rank doesn’t necessarily make them a great boss.

Thank You

Good Business Practice


For every sale we made….Thank You (TY) was a vital part of the sales process….that was just good manners and good business practice.

After some 35 years….it is still good business practice. Recently, I purchased a Cross ink fountain pen to go along with my Hallmark gold trim note cards. While I have always sent TY notes….either handwritten and/or email….the time has come to use the fountain pen and be “old school”.

It makes the notes all the more meaningful and perhaps “special” to the recipients.

Vital Business Tool


Gorman Rupp ac

Gorman-Rupp, located in Mansfield, Ohio makes some 4000 different types of industrial pumps, has 12 manufacturing plants and branch offices in the United States and Canada.

Gorman-Rupp has two aircraft in its flight department, a Lear 75 for long-range trips and a 1996 recently upgraded Beech C90B turboprop (AOPA Pilot May 2015).

To some, corporate aircraft are a an extravagance….yet for most firms they are a vital tool….in the case of Gorman-Rupp, a sales and marketing asset to bring prospective customers to the Mansfield plant and for cultivating new business.

The Gorman family is very aviation minded and certainly a major reason for Gorman-Rupps business aircraft. 

The key point….successful and excellence businesses make use of the best tools….for G-R….a Lear 75 and Beech C90.


The Roast Grill

Roast Grill

Businesses in general have to be willing to change….the market demands that….except some don’t. Their uniqueness is that they have been consistently the same.

The Roast Grille (Hot Wieners – 1940) hasn’t changed in more than 60 years. Its success is due to its consistency…the same product day after day…year after year. That is exactly what their customers want.

S & S Cycles

Hidden Gem

S and S

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Southwest Wisconsin is S & S Cycles.

“What started as a passion for speed, grew into the best known company name in the V-Twin high performance aftermarket. George B. Smith had to build his own parts to make his motorcycle faster. Now the company he founded manufactures the most prestigious line of “go fast” v-twin engine parts in the world. The company was started in the basement of his home in Blue Island IL in 1958, and moved to Viola, WI in 1969. In 2004 an additional facility was opened in La Crosse, WI.”

S & S Cycles is surely a well-known name in the motorcycle community….yet perhaps little known in a wider range of the business world. While reading a magazine article….it was indicated that they supply engines to the Morgan Motorcar Company in England.

The take-a-way:  Successful and unique businesses are everywhere….including Viola, WI! 


Business Value


A great business has several values that guide its operations….one should be consistency.

Consistency of product/services gives the customer a reliable brand which they can depend on.

Consistency also applies to the inner workings of the company….the interactions with associates (employees) and to those outside of business.

Consistency for some businesses doesn’t mean doing the same thing and never changing….though for some businesses it does mean that, since that type of consistency is what has made them successful.

Consistency is doing what you do well every time. A business/organization can easily be consistent and changing at the same time. All the customer wants is a faithful and reliable brand.

Different – Better?

Blaze Pizza


Another Pizza chain like another coffee chain….another burger chain….there always seems to be room for a different concept.

“The CEO of a Chipotle-style pizza chain says he’ll destroy chains like Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s the way Netflix destroyed Blockbuster.”

Maybe, the CEO might be right….yet much has to happen before that rather bold statement is 100% correct.

Note: There is a location not far from Cary, perhaps an onsite evaluation.

Shortwave Coffee

Columbia, MO

Shortwave coffee

Another coffee shop? I believe there always is room for another coffee-house in most communities….especially one that is distinct and unique.

How could a coffee business not succeed….with a clever name like Shortwave Coffee!….and a clear purpose – “For our coffee business, we’ve taken this idea of receiving and transmitting and applied it to our product.”

Wall Street

Culture Change?


Since 2011, JP Morgan has settled with government regulators for $38B from mortgage fraud to market manipulation.

“Despite the recent headlines trumpeting the conviction of JP Morgan and other banks, despite the survey data, and despite the massive damage perpetuated on individuals, institutions and our economy during the credit crisis, Wall Street remains unrepentant and unchanged. We can try to pass more laws and support more investigations, but until the culture on Wall Street changes, our financial system will remain broken.”

To make matters worse….if they can be….the CEO of JPMorgan has the support of the board of directors. Certainly it’s Wall Street ethics….it seems in the case of JP Morgan….it’s not about right or wrong….it’s how much more does the company pay in fines and penalties. Afterall it is just the cost of doing business! As long as the company pays out more $B, they will keep doing business without any sense of morals and ethics.

Red Hat

The Open Organization

Open Organ

From the N&O:

Red Hat is the major developer of the open source software Linux and has its primary office in Raleigh, NC….2014 revenues were $1.8B.

The CEO of Red Hat has recently written a book….The Open Organization.

Two key points from the article (and book):

  • There is a different and better way to run a business/organization….an open organization rather than a top-down decision-making structure. 
  • Great organizations attract and inspire the best people and engage them to make the right decisions. Open organizations create an environment where the best people want to be….and make right decisions for the success of the organization.

While Red Hat has made the open source software Linux a success….it also has created an effective business organization for the future.