Vital Business Tool


Gorman Rupp ac

Gorman-Rupp, located in Mansfield, Ohio makes some 4000 different types of industrial pumps, has 12 manufacturing plants and branch offices in the United States and Canada.

Gorman-Rupp has two aircraft in its flight department, a Lear 75 for long-range trips and a 1996 recently upgraded Beech C90B turboprop (AOPA Pilot May 2015).

To some, corporate aircraft are a an extravagance….yet for most firms they are a vital tool….in the case of Gorman-Rupp, a sales and marketing asset to bring prospective customers to the Mansfield plant and for cultivating new business.

The Gorman family is very aviation minded and certainly a major reason for Gorman-Rupps business aircraft. 

The key point….successful and excellence businesses make use of the best tools….for G-R….a Lear 75 and Beech C90.

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