Bus Advice

Be on the right bus


Coach Mike K is an icon in North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill being the center of ACC basketball). In a recent interview he stated this:

“My mom never went to high school,” Krzyzewski said. “And she said to me, “Mike, get on the right bus.’”

The statement was not meant to be literal. Krzyzewski knew which bus to take.

“You are going to start driving your own bus now and it’s going to take you through different neighborhoods,” Krzyzewski recalled, noting the prophetic nature of Emily’s advice. “Only let good people on it and only get on other good people’s busses. Your bus will go to places that you will never go alone.

In my experience, this is some of the best “Bus Advice”, I have heard. Jim Collins in “Good to Great” offered similar advice….getting the right people on the right bus….going in the same direction.

While it may sound simple….it’s excellent advice. Experience is the best test and getting on the right bus works.

Note: The bus-1947 Fitzjohn

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