1965 (50 years)


The first two years at Ballistic Systems Division (BSD), I was a production officer for the MMRBM (Mobile Mid-Range Ballistic Missile). We of course thought it a great program….after all that was our mission. Robert McNamara (Secretary of Defense) didn’t think so and canceled it.

After a few months working on a Titan ll study….I was assigned to the ABRES SPO (Advanced Ballistic Reentry Systems-Special Projects Office). As with all assignments….the position is what you make it. Our major effort was to conduct a review of all the ABRES projects….gather together the primary defense agencies….and make sure they were all working off the same page. Since this was before the internet….it was our shops responsibility to have the Navy, ARPA, Air Force Commands and DOD contractors know exactly what the ABRES SPO was developing.

ABRES was a good assignment….Roy my cubie mate a good friend and it was the right time to be at BSD and Systems Command.



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